Happy Friday!!

Hmmm... a new blog?

Yes! I know that I have not been consistent with my blogging. I have been extremely busy. But please allow me to share with you on what I have been battling with...


Yep, there are days that I do not feel pretty. Then there is a day that I dread to do but it has to be done.


Now, I am completely fine with taking family pictures. But a solo photoshoot is a different story. When there is someone capturing your flaws with their lens. Ugh!

Selfies I can do too. Because I am able to play with lighting and be sure that I get my good side when capturing the shot. ;)

But, ooh a photoshoot is a totally different scenario. But, I need to get my headshots done and photos for my website. This has to be done. My author career depends on it. Professionalism and branding is key.

Deep breathes & pep talks in the mirror.
You're beautiful & you can do this.


Jalissa Carter

Jalissa Carter