The sicky icky author

It is not fun being sick. Sniffing and blowing your stuffy nose is the worse. (ew)

But, I managed to do business with a web designer on FIVVER with the watery eyes & ill feeling. The website is complete! Yay! And on a Friday too! TGIF!!

I am so glad to venture into BIG steps as an authorpreneur. I pray that my books become life changers for many readers. My purpose is to inspire and empower through my writing. If you are struggling with life's burdens I want my fictional characters to give you V.I.P. access to the front page of their storIES. Allowing you to see what trails they went through and how they found Success through their Struggles.

If you read my latest release TESTIMONIALS TALES & FEMALES please share how the novella change your life? Which one of the characters did you relate to most?

Peace & Hugs!